Paramedical and medical transport

Paramedical transport is carried out by a nurse and a paramedic.

Medical transport is carried out by a doctor, a nurse and an ambulance driver.

We provide transport:

•neonatology and paediatrics.

Since 2003, we have taken care of newborns and children on a daily basis from hospitals and clinics based in Paris and Île de France, but also for transfers to France. Equipped with specific equipment (transport incubator, pediatric harness mattress, portable mucus aspirator, neonatal and pediatric burp and defibrillator, etc.) our ambulances guarantee them transport in complete safety.

• adults.

Just like the transport mentioned above, we carry out all types of adult care requiring a nurse and/or a doctor for the continuity of care and the monitoring of the patient’s state of health during a journey.

Our patients benefit from optimal care with nursing or medical care, as well as constant nursing and/or medical supervision during transport.

All our ambulances are standardized and approved by the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

Medic-Assistance guarantees the professionalism of the care provided. Also, the relationship with the patient and his entourage is at the heart of our missions due to the attention, listening and availability granted to them.