Our means

The Medic-Assistance group is:

  • a fleet of 6 paramedical and medicalized ambulances, traditional ambulances as well as VSLs.
  • qualified personnel: doctors, nurses, paramedics and paramedics.
  • specific medical equipment.

Our paramedical ambulances are equipped with equipment such as:

  • Transport incubators for neonatology
  • Multiparametric scopes
  • Portable mucus aspirators
  • DSAs
  • Ambu insufflators for neonatology, pediatrics and adults.
  • Electric syringe pumps
  • Medical oxygen
  • Infusion sets

As well as everything related to patient comfort and safety. Regarding medical ambulances, additional equipment is:

  • Portable multi-parameter monitoring with integrated defibrillator – A portable resuscitation respirator
  • A pharmacy containing specific hospital resuscitation drugs.

The care of your patients requires specialized quality medical transport, Medic-Assistance provides you with an adapted and individualized solution for each pathology.